Autorotate on linux appimage

In the linux appimage from this github repo avogadroapp - openchemistry, i cant find autorotate tool and also there is one more feature in orca enhanced avogadro app of windows version which is having VISUAL CUES option to check and uncheck when using navigation tool.

how to find those two in linux appimage

current appimage version 1.97.0

Yes, the Avo2 betas do not have all the features from Avo1 (eg the Orca version). It was built from the ground up, which does mean we still need to add features like autorotate.

I’m working to finish 1.98 by later this month. The rotation/ translation guides won’t make it, but if autorotate is important to you, I can probably get that added.

Please try to add features which are specially there in Avogadro ORCA version.

Autorotation tool and Visual Cues
Selecting the force field before optimising, force fields is in drop down.
It would be better if it’s given a window on left so that we select the ff and optimise

There already is one widget (Extensions → Open Babel → Configure Force Field (GAFF, Ghemical, MMFF94, MMFF94s, UFF to choose from):


Contrasting to toggling between a representation as ball-and-stick and licorice, I don’t need to access this widget this often; once set, the molecule is assembled, and shortcut Ctrl + Alt + o launches the optimization; done.

I’ve always thought that a menu item made more sense (e.g., turn on a mode, use whatever tool you need).

But @Jayaprakash_H_M and many others have indicated that the tool version (e.g. “window on the left”) is highly valued.

So yes, the “auto-optimize” tool will be back before 2.0 is released.

But keep in mind that at the moment, it’s me. I’m the main contributor in my free time. So it sometimes takes a while. A new optimizer will be in 1.98 for testing (in addition to Extensions → Open Babel).