Atom Label System

Hello All,

I’m an avogadro student user and I’ve been using version 1.2. I switched to 1.97 because measure tools in 1.2 failed in my new PC. Everything is great except the atom label number logic. The default index starting wtih 0 instead of 1. Adding 1 to each is not a big deal, but it’s a little bit annoying. Is there any way to make the atomic label index start with 1?

Just to double check, could you post a screenshot?

Should be an easy fix. (2.5 KB)
Thank you for your reply. The imported xyz file and screen shot are attached.

For some reason, the builds haven’t kicked off, but the pull request is here:

I agree that the default should be indexing starting at 1, but can this please be something that can be changed in the settings? ORCA uses zero indexing, for example, so it was always useful to me that Avogadro matches this.