AppImage SSL issues

Quick question for @matterhorn103 - you mentioned that the AppImage has problems with HTTPS because it doesn’t have the right versions of OpenSSL libraries.

If you can remind me of the fix, I can adjust the build scripts (e.g., for 1.99) to grab the right libssl pieces.

The issue was that the AppImage (and I guess maybe some or all of the other builds?) are being built against OpenSSL 1.1, which many distros have deprecated and most ship with >= 3.0.

The solution is just to build Avogadro with OpenSSL 3 or newer.

The dirty fix for an end-user is to install OpenSSL 1.1, but that’s not possible on all systems.

The relevant issue is this one which also links to a discussion of the issue.

The AppImage doesn’t contain OpenSSL as it stands – it is one of the various libraries it sources from the system. As an aside, I believe this is an example of where AppImages are not quite self-contained in the way Flatpaks are.

I’ve just seen your question on the GitHub issue back from December, sorry. I’ve uploaded the full directory/file tree of the decompressed AppImage there. libssl is nowhere to be seen.

Ugh. That’s a bit of a pain, because it means we’d need to compile Qt from source and include all the Qt libraries with the AppImage.

Yeah, I think that’s the solution - to copy the OpenSSL 1.1 libraries into the AppImage.

I’ll look into that.

Before you reckoned that it’s impossible to choose which Ubuntu version is used for the AppImage build. Is this definitely true? Because building on 22.04 would solve the issue too, as it has the more modern OpenSSL.

AppImage generally wants the packages built on the previous LTS (e.g., 18.04 until 22.04 was released). So in April, we’ll be able to use 22.04.

I’ll ask if there’s a way to have both a 20.04 build (with OpenSSL 1.1.1) and a 22.04 build (with OpenSSL 3) because after spending ~15 minutes looking through the AppImage forum and issues, there’s no good answer.