Any interest in a "share research" category?

Would people be interested in adding a sub-category to “share research” using Avogadro?

For example, “hey, this is a cool paper we just published”

Yes I am interested, I think it would promote collaboration and discussion within the community. It would provide a space for researchers to share their latest findings and insights also it could help keep everyone updated on the latest developments related to visualisation or cheminformatics. It might even help newbies on how the platform can be used

I have a suggestion (or probably a question) as well. Can we have research, statistics or cheminformatics related stuff within avogadro… ie for contributors …for making Avogadro more efficient and easier to use?
Actually this aligned to my interests and I would be very happy in contributing in such areas…hence suggested :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:.

I apologize if my inquiry seems trivial and unnecessary, but could you please provide guidance on if it is possible? If yes, how can we begin?

I guess I’m curious what you have in mind. You want to compute cheminformatics descriptors to display?

The best thing would be if you can describe a “use case” – ideally in a separate thread. Thanks!