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About using avogadro to see the nmr signals of organic molecules

How can we use avogadro to see the nmr signals from calculations done on supercomputer for organic molecules?

It might be useful to add if your question is general (like in which programs’ output about NMR spectra is supported), or specific (like how to display results of predicting an NMR by NWChem, Gaussian, etc. are displayed).

Can we use avogadro to see the nmr spectra?

At the moment, version 1.2 has some support to display computed NMR spectra from Gaussian. If I remember correctly, it will also import tab-separated lists of shifts and intensities.

You will still need to calculate the absolute shifts of a standard such as TMS or \ce{CDCl3} for calibration.

For the later part, i.e. the concept (and keywords) to set up a computation of a standard to compare with in addition to the compound you are actually interested in, I found this illustrative youtube video by 2015. Note, the read out the data from Gaussian’s log files is shown, not the visual representation of a spectrum.