About the Design & Interface category

Avogadro is a tool for editing, design and visualization of molecules in 3D. That means, it borrows a variety of interface / design ideas from programs like Photoshop, Blender, and CAD programs - graphical editors and 3D modeling tools.

We want the program to be easy to use for many undergraduates but also scale to chemistry research. That means the interface should be intuitive, concepts and icons should be clear, and offer features available as needed.

  • Spurred on by interest in open source design and contributions, we want to offer an area to discuss the interface, icons, design, and user experience.

  • This category should focus on graphics / design / user interface and experience issues with the development (e.g., toolbar icons, redesign of dialogs, confusing interface, etc.)

  • The general development topic will focus more on features, chemistry aspects, etc.