2023 Year-in-Review

While it’s not strictly the end of 2023, I don’t know how much I’ll be posting over the weekend.

Obviously a highlight is the release of 1.98 / 1.98.1, which has been a great release … and leads into 1.99 in January and a 2.0 release soon.

I speak for everyone in the project that we greatly appreciate comments, suggestions, bug reports, complaints, … every little bit helps!

In other words, the year-in-review is focusing on community contributions.

:speech_balloon: Translations:

  • We now have 13 languages with >50% translation. Considering many strings are rarely user-visible, this is great. Languages include: Chinese, English, Esperanto, French, Georgian, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Serbian, Spanish, and Turkish
  • Several languages have translations in the 30-40% range, including Basque, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, Russian, and Ukranian.
  • Feel free to help out: Get involved in Avogadro! @ Hosted Weblate

Community stats:

  • the forum has been very active recently, which is fantastic
  • forum signups are way, way up
  • posts and topics are way, way up, particularly in the last few months
    • e.g., 30-40 topics and 250 posts per month in October, Nov, December
    • total of 200 topics, 1,100 posts in 2023
  • active users are way, way, up :rocket:

:snake: Plugins:

  • We now have five community plugins, including contributions from @Dhruv_J and @matterhorn103
  • This also includes significant contributions from @Thomas to the fragment repository