Working Launchpad Translation Roundtrip

In my GitHub repository (hopefully to be merged by Marcus soon) is a
bunch of new translations.

If you haven’t been checking Launchpad recently, we now have 7 full
translations (English, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional
Chinese, Spanish, and Italian). There are also good starts in Arabic,
Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Catalan, Russian and some initial
translations in other languages too.

I can now confirm that I can generate usable TS files from Launchpad
using Qt 4.5’s new “lconvert” program. I’ll be adding a makefile
target and wiki instructions soon. I can also generate good POT files
for future releases (e.g. 0.9 beta).


P.S. The last step is to figure out a nice way to merge changes from
TS into Launchpad (e.g., so Simon can use Linguist and others can use