Windows Spyware etc

Once you get infected there is no real guarantee
of purity unless you have roll back capability
to a known good state.

I would get all the data off and reinstall.
It is often quicker than trying to debug
possible Windows corruption. You
should have a fast connection at uni
to deal with the update treadmill.

On the new sytem I recommend:

  1. Spywareblaster
  2. Spybot Search & Destroy
  3. ClamWin Anti Virus
  4. Windows Defender

These are no cost (<> free).

Keep them updated at least once a month
and always pay attention to the monthly
Microsoft Udate Tuesday.

If you have a litttle cash then check out
Image For Windows (IFW - Terabyte Unlimited)
for keeping a golden image copy(ies) of your
ideal setup.

Create yourself a BART PE disk for Windows XP
and add the IFW plugin to it. This will act like a
rescue disk to get images back.

In the UNIX/Linux world good practice is to
keep “your stuff” in /home that is mounted
separately from the OS partition. I try to
do the same in Windows by putting my
stuff on a different drive.

My ideal solution is a hot swap RAID drive
and rsynch (or similar) to a remote location.
I do this at work and when the right
alignment of $+Time appears will do it
at home.