Wiki: New pages

I think we’re rapidly getting to the point where the wiki needs a few
new pages/sections:

  1. Tutorials. We should have video walk-throughs of major features
    and the mouse tools

  2. Downloading. We should make it clear how to download and/or build
    the current version of Avogadro.

  • I was talking to Marcus about this and it would be extremely
    good to have Debian/Ubuntu packages, RPM, etc. Any volunteers?
    We can provide the compile hardware if someone can give the
    "recipe," so to speak. I don’t know anything about packaging for
  1. More on “how to help.” We have a few needed tasks, like
    translations, artwork, tutorials, and of course coding. But I’ve told
    many people that even if they can’t code, they can help with feedback
    and bug reports. We should also point out that some bugs/feature
    requests should go to Open Babel. Avogadro obviously relies on OB for
    a lot.