Vibrations, Linux, Animations

Hello! I do not speak the language well and use an interpreter. In advance, I’m sorry for the mistakes. The file was generated in the 3-21G basis (chose the point of equivalence point). I calculated the equivalence point using GAMESS. Then I generated the file for GAMESS to calculate the vibrations in the same basis. Opened a file format .lod in Avagadro. When I press on definitely the vibrations - Avagadro closes.
My operating system is Linux Mint (last version, mate)
Avagadro version - 1.1.1-0ubuntu7
Maybe I do not have enough additional programs to display the animation?

My first suggestion would be to try a newer version. I don’t know the latest Mint package, but Avogadro 1.2 has been out for a long time (since 2016) and fixed a lot of bugs.

Besides that, it would help if you can post the file to ensure there isn’t a problem with the current version.