Uploading Output File From GAMESS Gives Error

I am attempting to upload an output file from GAMESS back into Avogadro, but I am getting an error.
What I’ve done:
I created the input file for GAMESS for vibrational data using Avogadro and ran it through GAMESS to create the output file. I wish to open this back up in Avogadro to display the FTIR figure. However, when I attempt to import the file in Avogadro, it fails after around a second and a half. The file types that are inputed to GAMESS are .inp and the GAMESS outputs are .log and .dat.
The error that I get states “Reading molecular file failed, [it then provides the file number]”.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to successfully get this to work? I have seen others with similar issues, but no solutions.
Thank you,