Universal Linux binary to run on any distro

I’ve build a proof of concept. You can download it from http://linuxchemist.webatu.com/nightly/
It isn’t quite universal :slight_smile: It’s 64 bit and requires SSE2-capable CPU. Others builds will be available later

How to run: unpack it in any directory of your choice, execute avogadro.sh
Tested on 64bit CentOS 5.4 and on 32bit Debian with 64bit kernel


  1. It isn’t a release build. It’s just nightly build of my git version of trunk, not latest
  2. It contains all library dependencies. I’m not sure it’s contains only required ones: I believe it could run with client side X11 libs (had they changed ABI for last 15 years?)
    You can remove X11 directory from LD_LIBRARY_PATH in start script to test if it works
  3. It will not load client side GL libraries by default