Unable to access API documentation

Hi everyone,
I’m unable to access the Avogadro 2 API documentation on any of the two links:

https://www.openchemistry.org/avogadrolibs/api/ (No results found)

https://doc.openchemistry.org/avogadrolibs/api/ (Permission denied)

Has the documentation been shifted to a new website?



I don’t know, and I don’t have access to those websites. Paging @mhanwell

Only just saw this, still having trouble seeing notifications on here - I will try and log in here more regularly. Many things shifted around on those servers, and it looks like someone didn’t retain the correct configuration. Let me take a look, it may end up being Tuesday when our sysadmins are available due to the holiday in the US. You can easily generate the docs locally, but I will get them back up online and update links ASAP.