Hi everybody,

I just downloaded version 1.0.0 of Avogardro for Mac OS X and wanted
to learn how to use the program, using the online tutorial on


There it says on the first line:

“When you initially open Avogadro you will be presented with a screen
such as the one shown below”

However, the screen shown there looks very different from that
which I get when I open Avogadro on my Mac (OS 10.5.8), I cannot
see many of the Menus that appear in the Tutorial (I can see the
top line of Menus, except these are all preceded by an "&).

Is that because the Mac version differs from the one that is shown
in the tutorial? How can I learn how to use Avogadro on the Mac?
(I tried building norbornadiene, but I could not achieve that for
my life, I really seem to be lacking some crucial information).


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