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Trouble Building Avogadro2 / Open Chemistry


I am using molequeue-0.7.1.tar.gz that I downloaded from the openchemistry.org download page last Friday. I unpacked the code on my linux machine running Qt 4.8.6 and molequeue made with no problems. Avogadrolibs threw an error with Qt5Json.

So I moved the same tar file to another linux box which only has Qt 5.9.1 installed and I get a cmake error: This code requires Qt 4.x. It turns out the CMakeLists.txt in ./thirdparty/qt5json has a find_package(Qt 4.8 Required QtCore). You might not get this error is you have both Qt4 and Qt5 installed on the same system


I didn’t realize you were working with the release tarball, I can make a new release of MoleQueue that I think will make things much easier. Short term you can clone master, or just turn off MoleQueue. What version of avogadrolibs/avogadroapp are you using? New releases are overdue, I was also looking at making this easier by separating out the tiny MoleQueue client library from the main MoleQueue project so that Avogadro would not require all of MoleQueue. You can disable the MoleQueue requirement by setting USE_MOLEQUEUE to OFF, depending on what you are interested in (that would disable the input generators for quantum codes though).


I just uploaded some 0.9.0 source tarballs, and updated the link. Please give them a try, and let me know if you have any issues. I will try and get updated binary installers built soon.


Yes I was working with the tar ball from the openscience page. That version of molequeue had many references to Qt4 so I gave up on it and went to github to download the latest code this morning. I was then able to compile everything - molequeue, avogadrolibs-1.90.0 and avogadroapp-1.90.0 on my machine running Qt5. It all works and looks good. Yes I would recommend either updating the openscience page or have it point to github where you keep the latest updates. Since I found the code by looking for avogadro with google (I have had version 1.2 for many years) I am sure someone else will find it also. Thanks for your help.


Glad you were able to get everything built, I will work on getting pages updated to point to the latest versions. I want to get a 1.91.0 out soon too, lots of updates, some bug fixes.