Translate atoms tool - No GLWidget?

I am wanting to use the translate atoms tool, but the “translate” button is grayed out with text next to it saying “No GLWidget?”. Is this something I need to download separately in order to use this tool? Thanks!

Can you be a bit more specific about:

  • Operating System
  • version of Avogadro
  • how you installed it

This is a really bizarre error - if this comes up, it generally means something is very wrong.

No, it’s not something to download - it’s indicating that it can’t properly run OpenGL… but usually that problem would trigger much earlier in launching the program.

Yes, sorry for not including those:

  • Avogadro version 1.2.0
  • Windows 10.0.19042 Education

It’s been quite a while since I installed it, but I probably just downloaded it from the website/sourceforge and used the Windows installer. Other functions seem to be working.

I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do to fix bugs with 1.2 - it uses libraries that aren’t supported anymore.

I’d suggest trying out a nightly build of Avogadro2 and submitting feedback / feature requests.