Tagging of Avogadro 0.9.9


This week has been pretty hectic, and so I have not had the time I would
have liked to chase down a few bugs in Avogadro. Nevertheless I would
like to tag 0.9.9, and will b doing that at some point tomorrow. Please
let me know if there are any big blockers. If we are going to release
1.0 on 10/23 (which I am very much in favour of) then it is important to
test 0.9.9 and fix any remaining blocker issues.

I am aware of some things I would like to fix, but this could also be
done in a patch release if everything is not ready in time. It would be
great to draw up a list of severe blockers in the code. Otherwise I
propose we work on fixing bugs, and then spend some much needed time on
documentation. After all there is little point in having a great
application if we are the only ones who know how to use it :wink: