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Submenus not available in 1.93

The submenus ‘navigate’, ‘apply colour’, ‘manipulate’, ‘bond-centric manipulation’ and ‘measure’ are just empty. This means, that Avogadro is unusable.
My OS: kubuntu 20.04. I have installed openbabel 3.0.

These panels are for options – those tools have been simplified in Avogadro2. (Measure never had any options to begin with, and “navigate” only had the option for the visual cues.)

Why do you think it’s unusable?

In version 1.2, there is the option ‘tool settings’ and ‘display settings’. When I check both, I have options for tool settings like Automatic Optimization and Rotation. Now, things seem to have moved to Extensions --> open babel. Not very practical, in my perception.
But maybe, I just have to get used to the new layout. “Unusable” is a bit strong conclusion. But I liked the possibility to have the tool settings in the main window at my finger tips.

But thanks for discussing this with me and many thanks for contributing to this program.