SoC for KDE (3D-feature)

Hi all

Believe it or not, but there are currently seven applications for the
3D-feature in KDE/Kalzium… Of course, this means that I need to rank them
(I hate that) as not all can be taken by KDE. There will be ~90 applications
for KDE but probably <20 will be taken.
In order to rank them I need to discuss them with people like Donald and
Geoff. Herewith, I ask you for permission to share your applications with
non-mentors like other Kalzium-developers or Avogadro-folks. Please write me
a mail if that is ok for you.

As there are several applications for a molecular 3D-feature you can expect
all but one to be rejected. It is even possible, that all will be rejected.
Therefore, I would like to remind you about the chemistry-feature in Strigi
For more details consider
Remember, you can send up to 20 applications so you won’t loose anything by
sending an alternative. Strigi@Chemistry is something like a dream for many of
use, the semantic chemistry-aware desktop is a killer-feature so having
to “chemistry-SoCs” would be a big step!