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"Snap" to plane?


Is there a convenient way to insert fragments and “snap” them to a
plane? eg I want to compare relatively “flat” molecules:


side by side - I can insert the fragments, individually move, size and
rotate the fragments but I have trouble getting them to line up nicely
is there some way of laying them on the same plane?




Philip Rhoades

GPO Box 3411
Sydney NSW 2001
E-mail: phil@pricom.com.au

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Hello, I also would like to center a benzene molecule on the xy plane, with the center of mass in the origin.
Thank you

It’s a nice idea. At the moment, there isn’t a feature for that, but it would be relatively easy using the Python command scripts.

For example:

Basically, you’d just calculate the center of mass, translate the molecule, then rotate or flatten into the xy plane.

Not sure if I have time to modify the scripts for a bit, but hopefully that can give you a good starting point. This is exactly the use-case for the scripts. :+1: