Problem with opening Avogadro on Windows 10

I’m using Windows 10 Home edition X64 and have had Avogadro installed on my system before. It stopped working all of a sudden. I have not performed any updates on my windows and after this problem, I reinstalled my windows hoping that it starts working. I still have the same issue. The problem is that it does not show any error message or anything. When I click on Avogadro Icon, it just shows loading for a second and nothing happens. Any idea on how to fix this issue???


My system also did this in December, I had to update windows to the latest updates. Avogadro suddenly started working again. I do, however, have Pro x64. Maybe the latest updates to windows will fix the issue for you, as well.

Thanks for the reply, however, I figured the source of error.
It was because I was using the insider version of windows and it did not have the proper libraries to load Avogadro and bunch of other programs. I deleted that windows and installed a fresh one and the issue was fixed.