Preparing for the Avogadro 1.0 release

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Summary: Re: Preparing for the Avogadro 1.0 release

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I get the digest but my post to Avogadro devel
bounced so putting it here instead:

David Lonie Wrote:

I have a suggestion for another priority issue before the release that
is more of a documentation concern.

s/more of a documentation/documentation/development/

IMHO, I believe the windows compilation instructions should be
completely rewritten by someone who has successfully compiled on the

Agree 100%

I’ve tried using the installation instructions on the wiki to build in
windows several times and failed.

Ditto! I went through the boost std error symptoms
back in version 0.6 and never did get it to work.
Eventually the bug reports fell off the list
and real life took over.

  1. Linux users/devs who want to test their changes in windows, and
  2. Windows users who don’t have much (if any) experience or
    understanding of what is needed to compile a program.

There is a third (and potentially lager) group:
Experienced windows developers who are so used to msi
installers that they quickly give up on esoteric
bugs that trace their roots back to Linux.

This is a frustrating matter

No disagreement with that!

Another frustration is that if I want feedback from a windows user
between releases, I either have to tell them to wait a few weeks until
then next release

From the windows side it also causes frustration by not
being able to get the system built and track code
development and/or errors or contribute and/or learn the
process looking over the fence from the “other side”.

I’d like to have the ability to build a windows version myself without
taking time away from another dev’s work.

Your playing my song!

Another thought I’ve had would be to set up a box to build windows
installers nightly

Me too!



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