OpenSuse build not working with openbabel 2.4.1, downgrade to 2.3.1

Hi There

I’ve found that the Avogadro in OpenSuse’s build service (Science repository, avogadro-1.2.0-4.3.src.rpm) would not work with openbabel-2.4.1-14.1.src.rpm, it would not open any files and finishes “failed message”. Downgrading it to an older version of Avogadro resulted in the same problem.

After I downgraded to openbabel-2.3.1-23.20 it started working, got this package from

hope it helps

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Thanks - that’s helpful, if a bit depressing since openbabel-2.3.1 is years old.

Have you reported this to OpenSuse maintainers?

I have not contacted them yet, will do as soon as I figure out who is the maintainer.