Launchpad Translations

The Ubuntu Launchpad service has some features not available through

One really useful service is the translations web interface:

I’ve imported a test template from trunk – created using ts2po. (The
problem is that Launchpad won’t import Qt files directly.) So far, I
don’t know how to migrate the existing French, UK, and German Avogadro
translations. I also haven’t tried the reverse yet – going from po to
the ts files.

Hopefully, LaserJock can help a bit with getting the Avogadro
Launchpad site in better order.

Also, I have some questions for translators:

  1. Should I just remove the existing translations from Launchpad and
    we’ll continue to do those via Linguist?
  2. Does the interface seem useful for other languages? Ubuntu has
    loads of possible languages – the list that’s currently on there
    would be very nice for Avogadro 1.0!
  3. The current ts2po generates tons of duplicate strings. Is it worth
    hacking a version which just generates the unique strings? In this
    case, I’m not sure how the resulting ts file would work in Linguist.


I’d like to mention that we have some initial translations available
through Launchpad for Spanish and Portuguese.

I can take these PO files and use the po2ts program – I’ve done this
in trunk. Eventually I want to add Makefile targets to do this semi-
automatically. (This will use the ts2po, po2ts programs and the
scripts I just uploaded, which use xgettext.)

I just uploaded a new POT (template) with the current SVN trunk,
because some folks have been pretty productive on Launchpad!

Some problems I’m trying to solve:

  • Merging work done in both types of files (e.g., Benoit’s French
    translation and the messages on Launchpad for French.)
    I /think/ I’ve found a solution, but I’ll have to wait for
    Launchpad to merge a new set of files.
  • Adding translation status pages to the wiki – let people know that
    French is 90% translated, or whatever.
  • Handling branches – I haven’t used Launchpad before, so I don’t
    know how to indicate that we have trunk and a stable 0.8 branch.

I still don’t know the merits of Qt Linguist vs. Launchpad. The latter
involves more work, but it’s already gotten us some additional