Launchpad localization

Hi all.

As previously mentioned, the po files stored on Avogadro
team do not produce valid ts files when imported to a local
machine. The problem seems to be in the context field (#: …).

I generated a new pot file after updating the en_GB.ts file
to contain messages from avogadro r1520.

The problem is now to recuperate the work done in
Launchpad to get a valid LANG.ts. To this end, I used
"msgmerge" on a Linux box. The resulting file is almost
O.K., with some “unfinished” strings, but can readily be
updated in Qt Linguist. I have attached some files in
my last (unclear) bug report message (locali.tjz).
I can send it separately to anyone interested.

Before uploading anything to Launchpad, I would
like to get some expert advice. Namely, test it,
do you know a better, more efficient way of doing
this ?

It may be interesting to have a translator mailing list.
What about this ?