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Submitted By: Louis Ricard (lricard)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Internationalization

Initial Comment:
Not really a bug.

As I wanted to complete internationalization of “Import Gaussian orbitals”,
I modified line 158 of orbitalextension.cpp to read:
QProgressDialog progress(tr(“Calculating MO…”), tr(“Abort Calculation”), 0,

Still have a problem at line 191: do not know how to tell linguist that
there is a mandatory space; I want OM instead of MO in the french version.


There is a Mac specific problem in the “Open file” dialog.
The string “Fichiers usuels de molécules” get wrapped to “cules”.
Ugly and meaningless. I suggest in Launchpad replacing it by
"Fichiers usuels": it fits the field and shoud be sufficiently meaningful.


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