How to solve “undefined symbol: qt_x11Data” error when launching avogadro?


I have just installed avogadro in Centos 7 system. When I try to launch the program by “./avogadro” command, it does not launch but gives the following error:

./avogadro: symbol lookup error: /lib64/ undefined symbol: qt_x11Data

Does anyone know how this error is caused and how to fix it?

Thank you in advance.

I’d check with the Centos forums - it appears as if the Qt packages are missing some pieces.

(My guess is that Qt4 isn’t linked to X11 properly? Dunno - don’t use Centos.)

CentOS is a tradition in our lab. Strangely, I installed avogadro in another machine which also use CentOS system, and it can work. Could you please have a further check about the centos?

If not using centos, which OS do you suggest?

I don’t use CentOS, so I can’t tell you how fix problems with that distro. My suggestion (as above) is to post in the CentOS user forums to ask for help.

As I said, my guess is that there’s a linking problem or a missing package.

We don’t recommend particular distributions - as you said, it works on another computer… so the problem isn’t the distro, but something missing on that particular system.