How can I help?

Hi, I am a chemistry student and I have been using Avogadro for several years. I would like to start contributing to the development of the project. How is it organized? What can I do?

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First off, thanks very much for your offer, it’s greatly appreciated!

There are a bunch of ways to help:


Bug Reports and Feature Suggestions

As we work towards a 2.0 release this fall, submitting bug reports and feature suggestions are always welcome.


We have a variety of data repository for “insert molecule” or “import crystals” and contributing new files is always welcome:

We’re also working on a new tool that inserts metal / organometallic ligands and functional groups and I’d definitely appreciate someone to look through and see if there are common fragments that we’re missing:

Translation / Localization

We’re proud that Avogadro is used around the world. You can help translate the user interface with Weblate and these are synchronized automatically with the code.

Documentation / Tutorials

Right now, there isn’t much user documentation for Avogadro 2.0 because we’ve been spending our time finishing code.

  • Taking screenshots
  • Helping update tutorials from the manual

Any of these would be very welcome. What sounds the most interesting to you? Let me know.

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Thank you very much for your answer.
I will have a look at each of these options and understand what is feasible with my current skills.