Fwd: Plugin directories

You are not required to produce an individual make file when making a
plugin. You simply include the line:

avogadro_plugin( “.cpp;.cpp;.cpp;…” .ui)

in one of the CMakeLists. It’s the one with the rest of the
avogadro_plugin(…) lines in it, remember to inlcude the " 's and the ;
's. No white space >between the " 's.

Hope this helps (I am new to all this).


But, I don’t want compile ALL Avogadro to test/debug my plugin … (Or I
missed something).

And, in fact, in theory, we “just need” avogadro_plugin( … ). But when I
had compiled under Windows (there is 1 year ago), I have had some
compilation problems (with the automoc). I have rewrited the part which
bugs. Now (since 1 year) I have an individual cmake file (for the plugins)
which works under Windows and Linux with all plugin types.
Now, where are my problems ?

  • I have not found the plugin repositories in /home : but the solution is
    found (thanks to Konstantin Tokarev) ;
  • I don’t understand when/where/“what solution I used” to realise
    "make;make install" to make the compilation and the installation easier for
    a plugin (talked by Marcus D. Haswell and Konstantin Tokarev).

Mickaël Gadroy

(PS. : I hope my english isn’t too bad)