Fwd: mingw bug under windows

I thought this would of interest to people on this list. It is of course
for the snapshot we made for Kalzium quite some time ago now. I think this
is the first time the code has been tested on the mingw compiler as Donald
has been using vs2005.

Got bounced yesterday so hopefully my mail server is being better behaved

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Subject: [Kalzium] mingw bug
Date: Tuesday 30 October 2007
From: Saro Engels ps_ml@gmx.de
To: kalzium@kde.org

I found some bugs while compiling avogadro with mingw compiler under
windows (I used the version which is mirrored in kde svn).
error is the following:
In file included from
/kalzium/libavogadro-kalzium/src/engine.moc:50: error: definition of static
data member
’Avogadro::Engine::staticMetaObject’ of dllimport’d class.
I currently try to get some patches together, but I am not sure if they
will be useful.

greetings SaroEngels
(I am not subscribed to kalzium@kde.org, so please let my address stay
in the header)

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