Fwd: Kross with just Qt4?

I inquired about the Kross scripting framework for Avogadro. I heard
there were plans to make it Qt4 only and not depend on kdelibs. This
would be great for Avogadro, since it would give an easy way for us to
embed scripting in Python and Ruby into Avo without much work.

It looks like I may wait on scripting. There’s also supposed to be an
article on embedding Python into Qt available in a while from Qt


So I’m enthusiastic about Kross. But how much is needed to get Kross
to just work with Qt4 only?

So, beside the scribus-devels you are the second one who asked about
this. So
far I made it a priority for KDE 4.1 since at 4.0 the API is phrozen
leaves me less place to strip the reaming KDE-dependencies out.

Re the question how much work it would be;
You may like to look and/or grep the sources at kdelibs/kross/core/*
and will
probably note that there are only a small handfull of KDE-
dependencies left
what was the result of removing the deps as far as possible till the
API-freez hit me/us. But it may possible to work around the freez
and try to
work around the deps somehow. E.g. by just copy+move some interfaces
(the interpreters located in kdebindings don’t depend on KDE at all)
and to
keep binary compatibility that way + remove KDE-deps also. Well, I
just don’t
believe that I’ll find the time to do that anytime soon :-/ On the
other hand
right now may the best time to do that.