Fwd: i18n: context missing

Sorry, I accidentally posted that to Geoff only.

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From: Benoit Jacob jacob.benoit.1@gmail.com
Date: 2009/5/19
Subject: Re: [Avogadro-devel] i18n: context missing
To: Geoffrey Hutchison geoff.hutchison@gmail.com

2009/5/19 Geoffrey Hutchison geoff.hutchison@gmail.com:

Today I had a look at our french translation, I think it looks good
(btw thanks Louis and Geoff for crediting me), but clearly, the
limiting factor of the quality of translations is the lack of context.

If you (and others) can help flag some of the strings needing context, it’s
an easy fix.

How can a translator flag a string using launchpad?

Also, I noticed during the UI revision that we sometimes do bad
things like:

tool->name() + ’ ’ + tr(“Settings”);

This absolutely has to stop.

I agree!

I’m going to add an additional string to the
Tool plugin template for the title of the settings window. Not all languages
use spaces as word separators, and certainly word order may change (e.g.,
French might be “Arrangements d’outil” or something).

“Tool settings”, in the sense of “settings of the tool”, would
translate as “Options de l’outil” or “Paramètres de l’outil”.

And many of these are in Designer templates – so it’s not
just C++ coders who can fix it.