Dashboards and development setup script


As you may or may not have noticed we now have nightly submissions to
our dashboard for all of the major operating systems.


This includes a coverage submission, which with four tests is
understandably low. I have just uploaded a change for review that aims
to make initial setup of your development environment easier.


You can run this script, from the root of your development tree, to
check your name/email address are setup properly, add a Gerrit remote
and a couple of useful Git aliases. It also gives you a copy and paste
line (fill in the username) to get the Gerrit commit ID hook. I would
like to see all commits using that hook to make it easier to deal with
commits if they have to be cherry-picked or rebased.

There are quite a few compiler warnings. I put up three commits that
fix a few of these - I want to work on getting our warnings down so
that we stop new commits that introduce more. Do people feel the need
to review these, and will anyone be likely to have time to review
these. The nightly dashboards will now be able to catch any
regressions on any of the three platforms we are testing, and I want
to get us ready for a release once I have fixed up some more

You must register with CDash, and tell it your committer name, i.e.
Marcus D. Hanwell for me. If you do that then you will receive emails
when your commits introduce any regressions. Until we get the
dashboard green this means that you will receive emails whenever your
commits are merged, hence my wish to work on getting to a good


Marcus D. Hanwell, Ph.D.
R&D Engineer, Kitware Inc.
(518) 881-4937