Cyclohexane - conformer search

Dear support !

With Avogadro 1.2.0 I draw cyclohoxane, minimuze it and try the conformer search.

As I see in “View-Properties-Conformer properties”, the conformers shown in the table are wrong, some are not displayed. Any remedy for that please ?

The conformer search in 1.x will simply attempt to find the lowest energy conformer using the various Open Babel options. It will not generate multiple conformers in the list.

If you are comfortable with the idea to leave the GUI Avogadro provides and how to interact with OpenBabel from the command line, consider to export one conformer suggested by Avogadro e.g., in the .sdf format. This retains one geometry (related to identify a conformer) including bond order between atoms of the molecule. Subsequently, amend this structure as input for a systematic query for multiple conformers, as e.g., outlined in the following section of OpenBabel’s documentation here.