Complete dataloss when saving a file

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Submitted By: Uwe (donovaly)
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Summary: complete dataloss when saving a file

Initial Comment:

  • open an existing cml file and press save

Result: the file is empty all data is lost!!!

create a new file and draw e.g. methane

  • save the file as “methane.cml”

Result: Avogadro saves the file as “methane.cml.old” instead of “methane.cml” and the file is empty!!!

I’m using Avogadro 0.9.5 under Windows.

Why the hell does every new version introduces new regressions and critical bugs? I mean why is nobody willing to test releases before they are released? Saving a file is THE basic operation of every program It cannot be that nobody ever did this.
Sorry for my grumpiness, but all my data is lost this is a no go!!!

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