Commit policy on master and 1.0 branch


I just wanted to point out the policy I thought we had decided on for
the 1.0 branch and master. As far as I am concerned master is open for
new features, development, new strings etc. I think that our stable
branch should follow the same policy as many other projects - bug fix
only. That means no new source files, API, strings, features etc - just
bug fixes, build fixes, updated translations etc.

If people would like to do something different to this, then I think we
should discuss it and make the policy clear. If we are in agreement on
the current policy then I will try to make some time over the weekend to
add a page to the wiki to provide more permanent documentation of this.
I think it would be nice to make some development releases, i.e. tagging
master 1.1.x releases from time to time. This should help get further
testing for new features, and we can stick a beta sticker on it, make it
clear translations will not be up to date. Possibly 1.1.20091105 or
something for date based tags/nightlies?

If people do not feel that this is a reasonable policy then please let
me know. I was planning on making a 1.0.1 release toward the end of the
month, there are some build fixes, translation updates and a few bug
fixes. I think the new Cartesian editor looks great, but should remain
in master only IMHO - it has new features, UI, strings, and does not
conform to our indentation style.

It would be great to know what people think about release policies. We
still need more documentation, I am working on this a little as I get
the time. I will be adding back in a modified FindPythonLibs.cmake for
1.0.1 too, I accidentally removed our modified file just before
branching and tagging. This has caused some build issues on Linux.