Cartesian properties sort loses order

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Summary: cartesian properties sort loses order

Initial Comment:
This program is awesome thanks very much to the creators for all your hard work.

BUG: Cartesian editor, sorting columns loses relation between which atom on viewscreen corresponds to which atom in cartesian editor. Here is a better explanation:

Lets say I have molecule in cartesian editor:

Atom1 2 2 2
Atom2 1 1 1

and if i click on atom1, it highlights atom 1 on view screen, correctly.

now I hit one of the tabs on the top of one of the columns in cartesian editor, aka click on X (A) in cartesian editor, that will sort the atoms like this:

Atom2 1 1 1
Atom1 2 2 2

however if you click on the top atom, aka atom2, it still highlights atom1 on the view screen.

Thanks very much.

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