Cannot use avogadro on opensuse 11.2

Dear avogadro users,

I have tried several times to use avogadro on my Linux (opensuse 11.1
then 11.2) machine, using the 0.9.6 “official” package (from the repos
of opensuse), compiling myself the 0.9.8 version and finally now with
the official 1.0.0 package. (I also have libqt4 4.5.3, openbabel 2.2.3
with the lib and devel packages, libboost 1.35, libGLEW1_5 1.5.1,
libeigen 1.0.5 and libeigen2-devel 2.0.90+svn933208-2.1 installed)

Each time it is the same thing: when I launch avogadro and try to click
in the window, I do not see a carbon atom appearing as in my Windows
version, but nothing (just a very faint “glow” when I move the mouse
with the button pressed.
In the console, I get the following error:
QStackedLayout::setCurrentWidget: Widget 0x78bd20 not contained in stack
libpng warning: Ignoring attempt to set cHRM RGB triangle with zero area

Furthermore, the window hangs and I have to do Ctrl-C in the console to
finish it.

Could someone give me a hint at how to use Avogadro on opensuse ?

PS: I have a NVIDIA GTX260, with official driver 190.42 (but it was also
the case with several previous versions of the driver)

Sincerely yours,

Michel DEVEL