Boost.Python for Avogadro

Dear all
I have managed to compile the release version of Avogadro. Now I would
like to compile it with the Python support enabled. I have the following
directory structures:

Avogadro source: ~/src/avogadro

Avogadro build: ~/build/avogadro, from within this directory, I call
and then make install

Boost-root: /usr/local/boost_1_40_0

I have managed to execute the boost “lambda” and “regex” examples from
the “getting started with Boost” page. What does not work are the python
examples in /boost-root/libs/python/examples/quickstart, as mentioned on
the site considering the building of Boost.Python.

Starting from scratch, i.e. downloading and extracting the boost
directory, how can I install Boost correctly?
Any suggestions would be very appreciated.