Binary package of Avogadro trunk for x86 Linux is available for testing

This is a snapshot of current development branch, which will be used for 1.1.0 and further 1.x releases


  • any 32 bit Linux distribution released in latest 5-7 years (including RHEL 5 and CentOS 5)
  • any x86-compatible CPU (Pentium 3 was tested; however, Intel 80386 may not work :wink:
  • working :slight_smile:
  • OpenGL libraries (libGL and libGLU from Mesa or vendor of your graphics card)

If you are on x86_64 you can either install all 32-bit dependencies, or wait until another package will be

To install Avogadro, download the file

than make it executable (chmod +x Avogadro-1.1-trunk-Linux-x86-Install),
and run. Intuitive GUI installer will appear. Enjoy!

Please, report if you find any problems with Avogadro or installer

Installer will create a launcher on your desktop. To run Avogadro from command line, use
in the installation directory, not avogadro executable in bin/

There is a configuration file avogadro.config in the installation root. Probably you should not change anything
except β€œStyle” option.

If Avogadro does not start, you can run avogadro-check or avogadro-check-gui from installation root - they
will show what libraries were not found. Anyway, please report me about the issue before trying to debug