Avopkg: simple tool for management of Avogadro extensions

I’ve written a script for POSIX shell which can manage 3rd party plugins on any POSIX compliant OS. It was inspired by *.oxt packages and unopkg tool of OpenOffice.org.
I’ve already submitted changes to my Git

How does it work?

  1. When CMake runs, it processes avopkg.in and inserts installation pathes for Avogadro and it’s plugins, and produces avopkg script, installed into bin directory
  2. To create package from library(ies), write input file, place it into the same directory with all files to be packaged and run
    avopkg -pack input_file
    Package *.avo will be build (I’ve used tar.gz compression, but it could be changed if you like zip or something else)
  3. To install, run avopkg package_name
    Running as root causes global installaton, as normal user - to $HOME

Sample input file:

Name: My Extension for Avogadro
Author: Konstantin Tokarev
Package: myextension
Files: myextension.so my_evil_copyright someotherstuff.so
Category: extensions