Avogadro2 automatically terminates from Extensions/Open Babel/Optimize Geometry

Dear users,
I can draw a molecule freely on avogadro2 in Ubuntu 20.04
However, when I use; “Extensions/Open Babel/Optimize Geometry” to optimize this molecule, my avogadro2 almost always terminates automatically.
In terminal, it shows
"Error starting RPC server: “QLocalServer::listen: Address in use”
“Starting new server.”
“Open Babel formats ready: 146”
“Segmentation fault (core dumped)”
I would appreciate any suggestion, thanks!

It would help considerably if you can explain:

  1. What version of Avogadro you are running
  2. How you installed it (e.g., from an Ubuntu package, Flatpak, AppImage, source, etc.)
  3. How you installed Open Babel (as above)

Certainly, there shouldn’t be a crash when optimizing a molecule…

Thanks for your reply!
I installed Avogadro 1.97.0 shown in Avogadro 2 GUI on Ubuntu 20.04
I installed it like this:
(1) Download and unzip: openchemistry-master.zip from github (But the sub-folders such as avogadro*, crystal*, mol* are all empty)
(2) Download and unzip avogadro*.zip, crystal*.zip, mol*.zip, then copy their contents into their corresponding sub-folders in openchemistry-master folder
(3) Build openchemistry in a new folder according to website instruction:
my_path/openchemistry-build$ cmake …/openchemistry-master
my_path/openchemistry-build$ cmake --build . --config Release
(4) Regarding openbabel, openchemistry installed it automatically: During above build process, there are eight .tar.gz files are downloaded and saved in my_path/Downloads/ folder: for example, 763540d52b59f2ad0f8035a94326ef6f13679a6e.tar.gz is for openbabel
The above is the whole installation process. Thanks!