Avogadro Won't Start on Windows 10

Hi, Avogadro 1 doesn’t seem to run on my Win 10 notebook. I used to be able to use it months ago, now on a new pc with new formatted win 10, it doesn’t seem to work.

Avogadro version: v1.2.0n
Operating system and version: Windows 10 x64 Home Edition v1909 Build 18363.657

I have updated windows to the latest, tried using old Avogadro versions, still no change. The software just won’t respond. It won’t run a service or process, running the exe does nothing. No errors, screens or anything. Any ideas? Am I missing a required software?

Avogadro 2 works find though. I think I can get used to Avogadro 2, but it doesn’t have an input generator for Gaussian, if it does i have no idea how to use it, couldn’t find it. I have to export to GaussView and create input file using it. If i could generate input for Gaussian using only Avogadro would be much more practical for me. Thanks in advance.

Hi. I just had the same issue. I solved it by installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86. Even if you are running 64 bit Windows version you should install this particular version of Visual C++. Hope it works for you.