Avogadro Translations


You’re receiving this message because you and others like you (65 at
last count) have helped to translate the Avogadro molecular builder on
Launchpad. With your efforts, we now have significant translations in
over 12 languages, even before we have released version 1.0.

Thank you very much!

Our goal is to release version 1.0 on July 4, 2009. In the U.S.,
that’s “Independence Day,” and we hope Avogadro will lead to a new
beginning in chemistry education and research. As of today, we believe
we have finalized all text for translations for the 1.0 release. You
can edit your translations online at Launchpad. If anything, we hope
to remove some untranslatable text over the next month:

We have also created a mailing list for discussing translations of
Avogadro or other chemistry software. We hope you will subscribe. In
particular, we hope you will ask questions about the meaning of
anything in Avogadro, ask for context, or suggest bugs in the
software! You are significant contributors to the project too.

Thanks again and best regards,

P.S. This is the only time you will receive an e-mail from me. I don’t
like unsolicited messages, but wanted to let

Prof. Geoffrey Hutchison
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
University of Pittsburgh

Office: (412) 648-0492