Avogadro for Video Production

my name is Tony Stecca. I work for an online private school in Ontario, Canada. We create 3D molecular models using Avogadro and use them in animations in our courses. I’ve had good success animating the models in the POV-ray editor and exporting pngs to make a video. However, our video producer would like to import these models into Adobe AfterEffects, likely via Cinema4D, as .obj files.
We’ve been able to do test imports of POV-ray’s that are based on mesh objects. That works. However, the models from Avogadro aren’t mesh(?). The are mathematical objects like cylinders and spheres. Can I convert my models to mesh objects? Can I change Avogadro’s output settings so that the POV-ray source is done with mesh objects?
How should can we use POV-rays in After Effects.
Thanks! I realize this isn’t really chemistry related. I apologize in advance.