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Avogadro for UA models

Is it possible to use Avogadro to build united-atoms models? I am currently interested in creating models of alkanes and ionic liquids where every hydrogen bonded to carbon should be implicit within a CH, CH2 or CH3 group. What is the best way to do it in Avogadro?

Thanks in advance.

I think the question would be to build the atomistic model and then have the input generator convert the CH, CH2, CH3 to the united atom form.

In Avogadro 2, the generators can be written as Python scripts:

The Dalton script might be a useful starting point - it goes through the cjson to sort by element.

@mhanwell might also have some ideas - I know there were “custom elements” for coarse-grained LAMMPS models, but I don’t have any examples at the moment.