Avogadro 0.9.3 release - 1 April?

Hi Guys,

It is getting to that time again. We made our last release on 1 March,
and 1 April is just two days away. I would like to tag a 0.9.3 release
on 1 April - any objections? This is another snapshot release in our
last beta series. There have been lots of fixes and a few new features
since 0.9.2, and so I think we should maintain our momentum.

I will either finish or disable the z matrix editor I have begun work
on. I have added some new RPATH support to Linux - no need to mess with
environment variables to link to Avogadro anymore. There is also all the
new vibration support, super cell building, graphing and a host of bug

I will be around on IRC and email. I can make the limited Windows build
along with the main source release. I have made a few interim Windows
builds and feedback has been good. It would be great to get a new
release out for people to test.