Avogadro 0.9.1 Windows binary - still no Python


I tracked down a few more bugs. I have not had time to download/compile
all the Python dependencies for Avogadro yet. I have placed the
installer on my blog temporarily and would love to hear any
success/failure reports. This was built against the 0.9.1 tag I just
made. I will get some source tarballs up soon, but in the meantime you
can use the tag to build against.


This installer was built using the CPack generated NSIS installer again.
A user called donovaly has reported a regression where there are
rendering bugs when using Avogadro with a non-privileged user account on
Windows XP - no atoms/bonds are rendered without write permission to the
Avogadro directory. I have not been able to reproduce this bug, nor has
Tim. We would appreciate any feedback on whether you encounter this
issue, and if you are running Avogadro under a limited user account.

I will of course get the source files and installers up on SourceForge
today with the usual announcements. This is our final beta series
leading to a 1.0 release and so we would appreciate your feedback, help
and patches.