Add hydrogen error (version 1.95.1, on MACOS)

The “Add Hydrogens” function under “Build” did not work. No response after click the button.

The way of draw chemical structure seems different from earlier version. I can not click-and-drag to extend a carbon chain. Instead, I need to add carbon atoms first, and then built bonds. It feels a little bit strange.

Can you share a structure file? It definitely works for me.

Again, that works for me. It’s literally the same draw tool code - click and drag will make bonds or extend a chain.

I first clicked on the screen, a CH4 appeared (first figure). Then I tried to click on the carbon and drag, a C-CH3 structure formed (second figure). When I tried to click on the second carbon and extend the chain, the only thing happened was the rotation of the C-H bonds (third figure). I also tried if I could add hydrogen on the first carbon with the “Add hydrogen” function, but nothing happened.